Mid Month Favorites

This month I'm currently loving:

Garnier Fresh Cleansing Lotion:
Those rumors about how bad make up wipes are for you are true! Thats why I like to use this cleansing lotion to take off my make up instead. Ever since I started using this and dumping those wipes I can see how better my skin looks. I notice that I have less break outs when using this so its definitely a keeper!

Veet Hair Removal Cream:
Its that time of year again when we pull our shorts out of the back of our wardrobe and that means its time for veet! I like to use hair removal cream as its quick and I'm not left with plasters on my legs!



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Summer Nails | ManiMonday

Summers here and that means its time to be bold and go for that retro print! As a lover of nails I couldn't resist this pineapple print from Penneys. I love nail art and if the work is already done for me then even better. Who has time to paint tiny pineapples on their nails anyway?! I decided to pair these with some cute gold finger tattoos to give this look an extra summer feel.