Bye Bye IT Sligo

Its bitter sweet to say but Im finally finished college.
For so long through countless hours in the library studying and killing ourselves to get assignments done on time we've all said we cant wait for it to be over...but now that it is Im actually so sad and wish we had more time.


The Many Uses of Baby Powder | Beauty Hack

For todays post I decided to share a beauty hack with you. But it gets better  because its 2 hacks 1 product.!!

Yes baby powder is missing from your makeup bags.!!

Hack No. 1:
Dry Shampoo
I never go out and buy dry shampoo anymore just baby powder- and to be honest I feel like dry shampoo in a spray can never works the way I want it to. I much prefer it in a powder form. Baby powder is soo much cheaper than any dry shampoo out there and works just as well (and maybe even better.!)
It may not come in every smell under the sun like most products but I never met someone who doesnt like the smell of baby powder.. and we all have a bottle of it laying around our house so why not put it to good use. Pop some on the roots of your hair just like any other dry shampoo rub it in/dust it off (we've all been there, that embarrassing moment when someone has to point out the white patch in your hair!) and away you go.! 


Khloe Kardashian | Steal Her Style

We all know I love the Kardashians. No matter if their dressing up or casual their style is always on point. 
So today I decided to share my take on Khloe Kardashians style.


KoKo always looks good no matter what.! I love her casual style this is such a simple look to recreate.