Products I'll Re-Purchase

This may be titled products I'll re-purchase but everything I list here has already been purchased once or twice before.! I love finding new things to try but its always nice to have a few products that you can always rely on and here are mine.

First up is this is the Visibly Clear range by Neutrogena. I was first introduced to this 2 in 1 mask and wash by my friend 3 years ago and I love it.! This is a great mask and really helps to clear up my skin. I really need to use this more as a daily wash too - I need to get into a good skin care routine.


Metallic Mix | Jewellery Box Faves

If there is one thing that I love to do when it comes to jewellery its mixing gold with silver.! So I decided to share with you some of the pieces that I love to mix daily.

So starting off with these great bangles I picked up in Forever 21 I first seen the silver and noticed it also came in gold so obviously I had to have them both.! 

So I love to add a little sparkle where I can. This gorgeous jewel is from Topshop I believe it was from a special edition line that came out a few years ago and I love how unique it looks.!! Ive had this little obsession with feathers and wish bones ever since I read my now all time favorite book 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone' by Laini Taylor. Its very mythical and just everything I love in a book. My favorite thing that I took away from it and that make an impact on me was that it portayed this idea that a wish which brings joy to someone stems from another's pain. Through out the book it makes reference to feathers and wish bones and now every time I see these on jewellery I need them in my life.!! Anyway this little ring is a midi ring yes its old and was once shiny gold but I love who this tarnishes to a copper/rose gold colour...I cant for the life of me remember where I picked this one up!


PS...Gradual Tan | Review

So this week I done something I never done before...I fake tanned.! 
I've always owned my pale porcelain skin but when I heard so many good things about Penneys/Primark's PS tan range I had to give it ago. I was so excited to see that they have a gradual tan available. This was the perfect type of tan for me to try as I never tanned before, its gradual and you can build it up daily if you wish.

Im the first one to say that I don't like fake tan...well I don't like tan when I can visibly see that its fake. I have a pet peeve for girls who don't blend blend blend and use orange tones. But I love to see a great natural 'I just came back from the Maldives' look. And since Im not getting any real sun here in Ireland (not that I naturally tan..I burn.!) I might as well do it myself.!


Badge It Out | DIY

Ever since I impulse bought a clutch  bag with major badge detail from SheInside Im obsessed.!
If you follow my Facebook page you would have seen that I recently went to Penneys (Primark to anyone outside of Ireland)  and wanted everything with badge detailing.!

So I picked up a pack of badges (there was soo many to choose from.!) and Im going to revamp what I have in my wardrobe to save a few cents.


Day At The Zoo | OOTD

I went to Dublin for a well needed sister weekend and the first place we wanted to go (while the sun was out) was the zoo.!

I never know how I feel when it comes to the zoo...
Walking around you can see these incredibly big strong animals in these small spaces with people constantly pressing their face against the glass it makes me feel so sad. BUT on the other hand without the zoo many of these animals would be extinct and these sanctuaries preserve the life of endangered animals and give them constant care which they wouldn't have in the wild.  My dream holiday would be to bring my family to South Africa and go on an amazing safari to see these incredible animals in their natural habitat.  


DIY Acrylic Nails | ManiMonay

Today's installment is about how to get that salon look at home
...yes its DIY acrylics.!!

I would love to be able to go out and get a set of acrylic claws every other week but girl Im a college graduate looking for a job so that calls for a DIY.!! I took to YouTube and watched a LOT of tutorials and went straight to Amazon to pick up a starter acrylic set .

This little set is the perfect starter kit as it has everything:
files / forms / buffers / primer / powder / acrylic liquid / 2x brushes 
I also got some nail tips (there easier to add length than forms)

The first thing I done was prep my cuticles to see the best way to do this look back at my cuticle care post. Now we need to prep our nails by buffing them, add our nail tip, shape (I chose the coffin shape) and apply the primer to the natural nail.

Here comes the hard part..the acrylic.! I advise to practice practice practice before you go anywhere near your actual nails.! I got out some fake nails I had lying around and started to practice the all important liquid to powder ratio.! This is where you wet your brush with the acrylic liquid (that smells SO strong be warned) and then dip it into your powder to form the wet acrylic bead. Now we work quick and apply it to the nail and form the shape before it drys. Acrylic is my favorite technique as it cures in the air and theres no need for a light.!

It takes time to build up the nail with acrylic and even more time to do your own nails.!! The top tip I learned from watching YouTube tutorials was to add an extra support bead between the natural nail and the fake nail tip to ensure the nail tip doesn't pop off. Like me if you do your own nails your file will be your savior as well all know we'll have one good had and one not so cute! Just file and shave the bumps and bubbles away to blend everything in.

I chose to paint these claws this nude from Rimmel in the shade 'Caramel Cupcake' and added some little nail accessories from Penneys/Primark (as a distraction) to the nails that weren't as cute as Id have liked lol

Overall I love how my first attempt came out.!

If your interested in doing your own nails like me below is a link to the products I used:

A YouTube video that showed me how its done: