My Shopping Experience | Taylor & Rose

This week Ciara O Doherty launched her new brand Taylor & Rose. I am a huge fan of Ciara and have been following both her blog & YouTube for quite some time now. When she revealed that her new brand was all about hair couture I was ecstatic - there really was a gap in the market for this and Im so happy she filled it with crowns.!

Through the years my Instagram has heavily featured Queen Quotes, I'm all out standing tall and wearing that invisible crown - I guess now it doesn't need to be invisible anyone.!

Chin Up or the Crown Slips

Don't worry I'm not going to be walking down the street with a crown - Im not that extra....
But if you are a bride to be, wear this by itself or with a veil - that is a day where you can be as extra as you want.! Why not go regal and throw on a stunning crown? I would.! 

And like me if your a single pringle and dont have that excuse well heres a great one - these would make a sunning decoration in your beauty room - And a killer insta pic.! You could also whip it out for Halloween or be a Disney princess in you PJs.! Really its just a question of why isn't there a crown in your jewellery collection?!