What's In My Bag? | YouTube

So this time I mean business.! 
YouTube your about to get a frequent upload from me.!!

So this is one of my fave videos to watch - I don't know why I guess I'm nosy (don't lie we all love a good whats in my bag.!).

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Lancome Bi-Facil | Review

So we all know how much I love mascara - if you dont? lol you really shouldn't be here.!

I love to lash on LOTS of the stuff.!! But I hate taking it off with a passion.! 
I'm about to say that dirty word thats frowned upon in the beauty world - makeup wipes.! But thats what I used (this is definitely a 'do as I say & not as I do' scenario) can I save myself by saying I used those eye makeup remover wipes?? Nope, didn't think so *the shame*

Anyway I used wipes for a long time to take off my eye makeup and let me tell you it was at a price - it stung the f**k out of my eyes & I always found that around my eyes were left looking super red.

But let me tell you I have found the answer to all my problems - and its Lancome's Bi Facil.!!

Get to Know Me & My YouTube

Welcome back everyone.!

I know its been way to quite here on FN&M but thats just because I've been spending some time over on my YouTube channel.

You Hit Like a B*tch | OOTD


Life can be real hard sometimes - my sister always says its tough at the top, which is true, but sometimes it can just be plain out tough. There's always gonna be a few pages, no, chapters in our lives that we just might not want read allowed. They can be real hard to read just to ourselves too. They'll provoke anger, tears, disbelief - the list goes on for quite a while.

But I guess these are the chapters of the story that shapes the main characters lives. Our lives. And changes us forever.

For me? I realised that I'm stronger than I once thought. I now look at my future with the mindset and determination to make it a f**kin good read.

Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask | Review

This week Golden's Pharmacy kindly gave me some products to try out one of which was this Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask.

So this is the first mineral mask that Vichy have brought out and its designed to give a hydration boost to calm down thirsty and uncomfortable skin. 

I work in a clean room environment, so my skin experiences a lot of different air pressures through out the day which leaves it quite dry & with the weather we've been experiencing lately I was really looking forward to using this mask - my skin could use a hydration boost.!

The ingredients & the benefits to your skin

Summer Daze | OOTD

The sun FINALLY arrived.!!
We've had a amazing couple of days here in Ireland - lets be honest it was well overdue.! And I've been out soaking up the Vitamin D while it lasts - I pray it lasts.!!

It reached up to 22° here (that may not be a lot for of some of you reading, but here? that's worth a celebration!) so outfit wise something light that I could layer was key. I picked up this dress last week (read my Penneys Hun Haul here) and where would I be without one of my demin jackets?! - this recent find is from Diesel Ireland. I kept the rest real simple but added this stunner of a choker from New Look.

What to Wear | Wedding Guest

We're coming into wedding season so that mad rush to find the perfect dress is on.! 

It can be so hard to find a dress no matter your shape - so here's 80 (yes 80) dresses that I'm loving and are perfect wedding guest dresses