2018 | My Year in Review

Last year I wrote a letter to myself to travel more, capture every minute and to just have fun... lets see how I did shall we?

Go Paperless This Christmas | FN&M x Paperless Post

With three days left to Christmas I think it's safe to say that the cut off point for sending post is well and truly gone.! Unless of course if you go paperless and use Paperless Post to send out your last minute Christmas cards. 

Paperless Post is an online platform used to send electronic post. Paperless Post works on a system of coins where each card/invitation cost as little as 2 coins (€5 will get you 20 coins). I have wrote a whole blogpost on Paperless Post where I have explained how it works in more detail - read *here*

'Tis The Season... The Christmas Jumper Season

The countdown to Christmas is on but there is still time to grab a christmas jumper (thank you next day delivery.!) Here's my favorites ...

Happy Shopping

2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers

Get your purses out because tomorrow is BLACK FRIDAY.! 
This year I've found you more deals and categorized them into Fashion, Beauty & Accessories. I'll try my best to keep this updated - Happy Shopping.!

Day of the Dead | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Happy Sunday.!
The countdown is officially on to the 2018 Blog Awards Ireland - still cannot believe that I have made it to the final for Best Beauty Blog two years in a row.! So very grateful to everyone who reads my blog.! 

This years theme (to my delight) is Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead.! We all know how much I love Halloween and any excuse to dress up and paint my face - which brings us to my latest creation....

Oh Deer | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I love October - not only is it by birthday but it's Halloween.!! By far Halloween is my favorite holiday (yes even over Christmas) I love how its all spooky and creepy and its the one time of the year that you can really play around with makeup and get creative.!!

Every year I love to paint my face for Halloween - even if I go nowhere I'll be walking around the house looking all sorts of crazy.! This year's first look is a cute deer that is perfect for anyone who going to a last minute Halloween part and doesn't know what to go as just whip of some bonzer and pop your hair up in space buns and your off.! (Alternatively if you don't have a white eyeliner in your makeup bag use a black eye liner to draw leopard print marks to replace the white dots)

Huda Beauty Dupe by Primark

We all know I love a good dupe - so say hello to the Huda Beauty mini liquid lipstick set dupe form Penneys.!!! Penneys (or Primark to the rest of the world) have covered all shade bases by releasing 3 sets for a bargain €5 (the Huda Beauty sets retail for €37 each).