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Happy Sunday.! Hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. It's super weird times we find ourselves in but hopefully by staying apart we will all be together soon. Today's post is something VERY different to what we are used of here but something that has become a big part of my lockdown life - the Nintendo Switch Lite.!

Do you remember the Gameboy??

As you can see I've always been a bit of a gamer - and when I say 'gamer' I mean I played Rugrats on on Gameboy and Kim Possible on my DS.! None of which I was able to complete - honest truth the only game I have ever completed was Tangled for the Wii and I'm pretty sure its only because we you could make it a two player game so I got my sisters help (It's actually a cute game you get to run around hitting people with a frying pan - very satisfying!)

Anyways I was feeling very bored and in a great attempt of putting off doing my assignments for my masters cert I decided to get the Nintendo Switch Lite - mainly because I wanted to play the new Animal Crossing New Horizons game.

Switch Vs Switch Lite:

I chose the Lite version instead of the original switch as I wanted something a little smaller - and you can see by the photo that it is the biggest of all the consoles I've had before. To put the size into context my iphone XS sits just on top of the screen and the switch is bigger than this again. I had no interest in hooking this up to my TV (not that our TV could cope with such a thing) and the games I'm into a more of a solo non-competitive nature but if you are looking for a console that you can play as a family or against each other the original switch is for you. Lastly the lite is cheaper, the switch is €330 where as the lite at €230.

I shopped around and found that there wasn't too much of a difference between the likes of pc world and littlewoods - legit a few euros so I ended up getting mine from Littlewoods. At the time (I've had it maybe 2 and a half weeks now) they were all sold out in America - I guess everyone had the same idea for lockdown but the only one that was sold out here was the coral shade... but good news for you it's actually back in stock if you fancy it on Littlewoods and probably other places too. That was the hardest decision to make - what colour?! With a choice of four (grey, yellow, turquoise & coral) and after a lot of back and forth (yes in lockdown this is what takes up my time) I went for the good old grey.!! I'll leave a link here ....

Game Card Vs Download:

It's been a long time since I have had a new console as you can see I went from a gameboy advanced to the first DS that nintendo released and then I just lived off that. So I was delighted to hear that we didn't have to go around switching out game cards (there is still a game card slot if you want it though) as it's a nightmare to keep track of those little cards and they're only gone and made them even smaller and the bloody useless boxes bigger.! Thankfully you can now download the games onto the console - this has been a feature of the DS's for a while I believe but it's news to me and I'm delighted.!

Now the only thing to keep in mind if your going down the download route is that your console only has a 32GB of storage and if your planning on playing a few games I suggest you get a memory card - another upgrade since the stone age DS I had is that they have room for micro SD cards.! Its best to go ahead and get a larger sized card as you don't want to have to go out switching SD cards when you've gone to all this trouble to stop swapping game cards. I found a great deal on Amazon for a 128GB card that I use in my switch for only €17/£15 I actually since ordered more  as they are robbery in the shops.! I'll leave a link here ...


Downloading games is super easy - log into your Nintendo account - buy your game and since you've linked your console to your account it will download. Keep in mind downloads can take a while depending on the game I think Animal Crossing took around 2 tortuous hours.

Extras You'll Need:

So after playing it for a few days I found that it was getting quite hard to hold when playing for long periods of time. The back of the switch is all flat so it doesn't really sit in your hands very comfortably and when I'm off shaking trees and catching fish in Animal Crossing I want to be comfortable damit.! You can fix this problem and keep your console safe with this cover:


And while were on the topic of keeping your switch safe I always like to put screen protectors on my stuff just so when it's knocking around in my bag nothing scratches against it - I always get mine from  this brand on Amazon and in multipacks coz even the tempered glass doesn't last too long in my clumsy hands.! 


Overall I'm delighted with the Nintendo Switch Lite and it's the best thing I've bought in lockdown (my LV bag doesn't count, that was just delivered during lockdown.!) it's getting great use and now that I've submitted my last assignment of the semester (yay.!) I can go download some more games...next on the list is the Harry Potter Lego Collection.!

What are you doing to keep yourself occupied at home? Are you a gamer? If so let me know what games I need to try out.

Chat soon & stay safe x


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