My Lockdown Wardrobe with FEMME LUXE

Welcome back to the blog.! I'm so excited to say that today's post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe. We've been in lockdown now for god knows how many weeks and although we seem to find ourselves moving into the first phases of getting back to normal, I think it's safe to say that we'll be spending a lot more time at home for a long time yet to make sure everyone stays safe. That means the comfy clothes are here to stay -  so let's talk loungewear.!!

Loungewear is basically becoming the nations uniform - lol the worlds uniform really as we're all in the same boat - but loungewear doesn't mean chilling in your pjamas ... Nope Femme Luxe have the best loungewear and loads of items to choose from for every occasion that this lovely lockdown is bringing us. So for today's post with Femme Luxe I've put together 3 outfits from their loungewear set collection - that I'm sure you'll love just as much as I do.

Outfit #1 - Everyday Comfort: 

Okay the first loungewear set I want to show you is my go to outfit these days - whether its popping to the shop, going for a walk (within our new 5km radius) or just around the house coz lord knows we have nowhere else to go - is this wine chevron print zip up set.  I'm obsessed with the colour and love how the hoodie is more long line (keep those kidneys good and warm!). Honestly it's so so cozy - its fleeced on the inside so perfect for keeping you warm when your out and about or for a day of chilling on the couch watching Disney+ (you guys need to get Dinsey+ but that's a whole other post.!).

 Shopping Links:

This also comes green & black if your not feeling the wine - but why stray? It will go so well with that glass of Merlot.! 

Outfit #2 - Working from Home:

So our new normal is working from home and it can be really easy to get stuck in a rut of wearing your pajamas for half that day and feeling sloppy for the rest of the day. I know I'm much more productive and in a better mood for the day when I get up and get dressed.! That's why this houndstooth short sleeve set is my new favourite outfit - looks super smart and put together - genuinely as comfy as pajamas.! The perfect working from home outfit - comfortable but looks professional for those zoom team meetings.! I really like how the top has a boxy style fit to it and you could dress this up by tucking in the top a bit and adding a pair of heels and head out on the town - when this is all over.

Shopping Links:

They also have this particular set in loads of different colours and patterns and I love this one so much I'm definitely gonna pick up some of their other styles

Outfit #3 - Zoom Parties with Friends:

This final loungewear set is a little more fancy - the fancy element is that it has a cute tulle mesh peplum top - and I thought this outfit is perfect for the weekly zoom meet up over a gin with friends. I dressed this outfit up with a statement necklace and a cute hair band - but kept to my fluffy slippers coz that's a beauty of these zoom meetups you only need to look fancy on the top.!! Bare in mind that the leggings are slightly see through as this is a knitted set so make sure your wearing the same colour underwear but the tulle peplum does hide a lot - but since we're all going to the nightclubs in our kitchen who really cares anyways.! lol

Shopping Links:

They also have some other really fab black loungewear sets that you could really dress up for your party nights in - I'll leave a link here: Black Loungewear Sets

The best thing about Femme Luxe and why I love their loungewear collection above anyone elses is that when they say 'set' they mean a set.! None of this messing where you find a nice top and then spend an age looking for the matching bottoms only to find out its not in your size - here you get your top and bottoms together.

You can shop all the items that I featured today and more at they currently have a big sale running at the minute and if your a student you get an extra 10% off too.

I really hoped you enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it, let me know in the comments what you thought and if you pick up some of their pieces.  

Chat soon, stay safe x

*As with all of my posts on here all my thoughts and opinions are of course my own. This post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe and the items that were featured were kindly gifted to me but I honestly wouldn't recommend you guys anything that I wouldn't be willing to go out and buy again for myself*

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