What's In My Bag? | YouTube

So this time I mean business.! 
YouTube your about to get a frequent upload from me.!!

So this is one of my fave videos to watch - I don't know why I guess I'm nosy (don't lie we all love a good whats in my bag.!).

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Lancome Bi-Facil | Review

So we all know how much I love mascara - if you dont? lol you really shouldn't be here.!

I love to lash on LOTS of the stuff.!! But I hate taking it off with a passion.! 
I'm about to say that dirty word thats frowned upon in the beauty world - makeup wipes.! But thats what I used (this is definitely a 'do as I say & not as I do' scenario) can I save myself by saying I used those eye makeup remover wipes?? Nope, didn't think so *the shame*

Anyway I used wipes for a long time to take off my eye makeup and let me tell you it was at a price - it stung the f**k out of my eyes & I always found that around my eyes were left looking super red.

But let me tell you I have found the answer to all my problems - and its Lancome's Bi Facil.!!


Get to Know Me & My YouTube

Welcome back everyone.!

I know its been way to quite here on FN&M but thats just because I've been spending some time over on my YouTube channel.