Fortune Teller | Halloween Makeup

Its nearly Halloween.! *eeek* 

Today's Halloween look is one for all my gals who don't keep a stock of Halloween makeup in their drawers.! I put this look together with what I could find in my makeup bag because sometimes its a little unrealistic to go out and spend a pretty penny on colourful face paint and fake blood.


Mermaid Gone Rogue | Get The Look

I love Halloween.!
Its the one time of the year were you can really go all out and get creative with our makeup.


1st EVER Vlog | Washington DC

Back in August I went to America with my sister for two weeks - our first stop was Washington DC and well here's what I got up to.!


Worth Your Coin? | Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is the new kid on the makeup block.!

All I've done since it's release is watch EVERY video review on YouTube - so after a lot of research I decided that it was high time that I tried it myself.!

I got my order from Harvey Nichols - But what did I get?


Hot or Not? | Hot Fire Final Thoughts

So we've seen my first impressions post where I swatched SoSueMe or Suzanne Jackson's new eye shadow pallet Hot Fire...

So after using the pallet for a while I put together a little video sharing my thoughts and a little tutorial using the pallet.