Worth Your Coin? | Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is the new kid on the makeup block.!

All I've done since it's release is watch EVERY video review on YouTube - so after a lot of research I decided that it was high time that I tried it myself.!

I got my order from Harvey Nichols - But what did I get?

Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation Shade 140 - Check out other shades here
Match Stix Trio Shade Light - Check out other shades here
Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Shade Trophy Wife - Checkout other shades here
Precision Makeup Sponge 100 - Check out other tools here

First Impressions?
I flipping love it.!
Okay so from the packaging to the pigment I can see how much thought and time has gone into making this line what it is - and that's bloody brilliant.!

The Fenty Beauty packaging is  - well how would one put it? - ON POINT.! No money has been scrimped on this as everything is double boxed and makes everything feel high end - even the beauty bender is perfectly packed.!

As for pigment? OMG Trophy Wife is out of this world - that shit it pure GOLD.!! Even the Match Stix Trios are super pigmented too.!

The Verdict.!
While I did pick up the foundation in the shade 140 as 120 (which I recon is my true shade) was all sold out *cry* 140 was the next best thing. For me? It was slightly too yellow toned for my natural pale self and a touch too light when I have tan on, BUT low and behold 140 is the perfect shade for when my tan is fading - turns out its the perfect transition from tan to pale.!

Anyway I have to say that this foundation is unreal - it looks sooo good.!! This foundation is medium coverage and while it has been claimed that you can layer this up, honestly when you do it still gives off medium coverage as some of my ungodly spots come true - but Im not mad at that at all.! The foundation dries matte and well leaves your skin looking flawless.! And don't get me started on the colour options - 40 shades - WOW - 10 points to Rihanna.!

The only thing that I can say is that in my option it needs to be applied with a sponge and not a brush. I speak from experience the sponge applies to much easier and your not left with brush strokes.!

That brings us to my beloved blender.! This is the BEST blending sponge I have ever used. I could tell the second I took it out of its packaging that this would be a magical partnership.! If you make any purchases please make sure you pick up the beauty blender too - trust me your won't be sorry.!

Now onto those match sticks... The first thing you need to know is that they are magnetic.!! Yes no more losing them in your makeup bag - nope they all click lovely into place in that beautiful pale pink packaging! In the Match Stix Trio set you get a concealer (in the light shade this is Linen), a cool contour shade (Amber) and a lovingly highlight (Starstruck - its fab by the way). Now I did get the light shade & the concealer may be a tad dark for the real pale shades so where possible Id advise my pale gals to swatch first.! You get everything you need to slay a face and plenty of product too.! The only down sides I can see is that the concealer in particular may not be as flattering for anyone with dry skin as the product is pretty drying & the sticks may take a little time to blend (with the sponge anyway) but trust me dolls its worth it.!

For our grand finale - Lets bring home the gold shall we?
Yep the highlighter that's on everyone's watch list - TROPHY WIFE!! Some people will say that this highlighter is too extra and that us pale gals would never be able to wear it - I say differ.! Yes its very gold but its perfect for both a highlight and an eye shadow. I've used it as both and loved it.! So if you really want it - Huni go for gold!

So should you give Fenty Beauty your coin?
Hell Yes.!

I'll be posting a chatty lets try Fenty Beauty video on my YouTube channel super soon so make sure your subscribed to my channel so you don't miss it.!



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