Gilmore Girls | A revival

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Laugh More
Eat More
Talk More 

This week made the much awaited return of the Gilmore Girls.! 
I used to watch it every Saturday for years when I was in secondary school. Like most things I started in the middle and ended up watching it soo many times ...I never changed the channel when a repeat popped on.! 

I loved the show so much.! The Gilmore Girls is full of life lessons like the bond you have with your mama is forever... and most of all coffee is life.!!  I was so excited to find out that Netflix was bringing it back to our screens with the four part special, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. *They also have the original series.!!*

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Brow Game | Benefit

I was in Dublin on the weekend to visit my sister and do a bit of Christmas shopping... ending up buying nothing - well nothing for anyone but me.!
While I was in Arnotts a lovely lady from the Benefit stand asked me if I wanted to try out one of their brow products, Brow Zings. 

Of course I said yes - never one to turn down the opportunity to get my makeup done.! She asked me what my main problems were when it came to brows and I explained to her that I have a scar that cuts through my left eye brow and I find it quite hard to get a product to cover it and look natural. 

Power of Makeup

The Power of Makeup?
Or the Power we gave Makeup?

There is not many people - women in particular - that would step out of the house without makeup... think about it did you wear makeup to work today? when you popped into Penneys? on date night? the answer is probably yes. I know I feel I need to at least pop on low coverage if Im going anywhere. 

The Power of Makeup tag has been running around the internet for quite sometime now showing the world that a little contour and mascara can change how you look - and in many cases feel. We feel better about ourselves with makeup on, we feel we look better. This is what really makes me sad. We have given makeup the power to dictate how we feel about ourselves, how many times have you said "I look awful without makeup" Hundreds.? "I look prettier with foundation" Thousands.? Why have we let products that are meant for enhancement make us feel like we cant live without them.? We have given makeup that power.


Fit AF | Wishlist x Diesel

Its coming to that time of year when we start to eat like theres no tomorrow - yep Christmas. Its just around the corner (40 more sleeps.!) that means mince pies, puddings, cake and a never ending supply of Cadburys Roses.!
So we'll all be putting down the same resolution we make every year...GET FIT.!

Why not get a head start and ensure that you'll actually stick to it this time round ...or have your workout outfits all lined up in your closet ready for January 1st like me.!

Diesel is one of my favorite brands - you know that by now though theres always a item from Diesel in my OOTDs.! 
They now do active wear *whoohoo* here is some of my faves...


BloggerConf | My experience

Honestly Ive never been so inspired in my life.!

On Saturday the 12th of November I attended the Blogger Conference and it really was one of the best things Ive ever gone to. Emma O Farrell put together an extraordinary line up which inculded some top bloggers such as AnouuskaJoanne Larby and Johnny Ward.

Go take a look.!


BloggerConf Goodie Bag | Unboxing

I had such a fab time at the Blogger Conference yesterday.! Dont worry Im writing a whole blog post on it tomorrow. 

I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to be handed a big bag with Meaghers Pharmacy on the side - first impressions the bag itself is just quality.! Not one of those bags that the bottom will give a way in the rain like what we typically get. No this was like Id just been shopping in a high end boutique, you know the ones with that cute bow to hold everything together.

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Anyway Im getting side tracked - In the bag was a box of goodies.!


CK One | Dupe

I love when I just happen to come across a perfect product dupe.!
Todays dupe is for the Calvin Klein unisex fragrance One - so male or female this post is for you.!

I picked up this Impulse fragrance last week just as something to keep in my locker at work and was happily surprised when I went to put it on and realied why it smelt so familiar. I swear that this Impulse fragrance 'Why Not' by Charlie XCX smells just like CK One.!!