Power of Makeup

The Power of Makeup?
Or the Power we gave Makeup?

There is not many people - women in particular - that would step out of the house without makeup... think about it did you wear makeup to work today? when you popped into Penneys? on date night? the answer is probably yes. I know I feel I need to at least pop on low coverage if Im going anywhere. 

The Power of Makeup tag has been running around the internet for quite sometime now showing the world that a little contour and mascara can change how you look - and in many cases feel. We feel better about ourselves with makeup on, we feel we look better. This is what really makes me sad. We have given makeup the power to dictate how we feel about ourselves, how many times have you said "I look awful without makeup" Hundreds.? "I look prettier with foundation" Thousands.? Why have we let products that are meant for enhancement make us feel like we cant live without them.? We have given makeup that power.

The Power of Makeup has made us scared to walk out of the house with a bare face. I mentioned to a few of the girls recently that I cant wear makeup to work - something that was quite foreign to me as I have always been that girl that wakes up and puts on a full face everyday. They're response? You guessed it "I look awful without makeup". It was my response too, the first few days of work I looked in the mirror thinking "god my pores are big" "why is my face so red" "without mascara I look like I have no lashes" Crazy thoughts but we all think them.! 

Last month we seen Kim Kardashian go to the Balenciaga fashion show with no makeup, no one was thinking anything but "stunning" "beautiful" "flawless" words that used to be associated to someones makeup look but now just a face - a face without makeup beautiful as it is.
 If Kim Kardashian can have a no makeup day to a high end fashion show with hundreds of camera flashes following her around, I can go to work with no makeup. Im coming up to 3 months in my new job, I still look in the mirror and say "theres another spot" but in my head I say F**k it and walk away. We sure as hell can pop into Penneys makeup free.! Think about it? We all curse that girl that left that rotten foundation mark on the last top in your size.!!  

This is how I look,
Makeup has no Power.

November = actifical light = poor quality photo sorrry! But it makes my point.!!



  1. Fab post! I actually did a full video on this too, for me makeup is just fun but I do understand the insecurity of not wearing makeup, especially when I was younger!

    1. Thanks, Im gonna go watch your video now.! xo

  2. I love this post. Make up is a way for me to express myself. There was a time, in my teens and early 20s, when I never would have left the house without make up, eyeliner at the least but sometimes I'm just to lazy or tired now atthe ripe old age of 26. I do find make up empowering and fun though. You look beautiful without by the way.

    1. Awh thank you.! I love makeup but its not something that we should feel dependent on - wanted to share that we should be comfortable in our own skin.! x

  3. I don't wear any make up at all midweek. It makes me feel much better about myself when I do wear it though. It feels more special then!

    1. Im the same.! I cant wear make at work so weekends is my time to play - I also see a change in my skin too.! x


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