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I was in Dublin on the weekend to visit my sister and do a bit of Christmas shopping... ending up buying nothing - well nothing for anyone but me.!
While I was in Arnotts a lovely lady from the Benefit stand asked me if I wanted to try out one of their brow products, Brow Zings. 

Of course I said yes - never one to turn down the opportunity to get my makeup done.! She asked me what my main problems were when it came to brows and I explained to her that I have a scar that cuts through my left eye brow and I find it quite hard to get a product to cover it and look natural. 

Before - The lights have gone crazy in this photo.!
After - Brow Zings in shade 4 please Santa.?!
I was really happy with the way the product looked and really impressed that my scar was for all intense purposes invisible.! I also loved the way the makeup artist shaped them into a real natural shape - Ill definitely be going back next time to get my brows waxed at the brow bar.!

Seriously though this is a great product where a little goes a long way, so technically a good investment.! It comes with a mini angled brush and tweezers and the product itself is a duo of powder and wax, I was advised to double dip from powder to wax and then apply to the brows. 

I just hope Santa is reading this.! (Again Brow Zings - Shade 4) lol

Until next time my loves



  1. Wow, Brow Zings looks fab on you! A make up artist used it on me last year when I was a bridesmaid and it turned out well, it really defined my brows and looks very natural.

    1. I love it.! Hopefully ill find it under the Christmas tree.!

  2. Love the post.It looks so well and yet so natural.You would never notice the scar at all!!

    1. Thank you.! This is by far my fav brow product.!

  3. Oh it looks fab on you. I really like the Benebrow ...must check this out��


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