BloggerConf | My experience

Honestly Ive never been so inspired in my life.!

On Saturday the 12th of November I attended the Blogger Conference and it really was one of the best things Ive ever gone to. Emma O Farrell put together an extraordinary line up which inculded some top bloggers such as AnouuskaJoanne Larby and Johnny Ward.

Go take a look.!

I learned so much in a short few hours - from Insta tips to the legal particulars of blogging. My favorite part had to be hearing everyone's story.!
Hearing how someone went from doing work experience in a local pharmacy to now owning a chain of stores thats only expanding - Oonagh O Hagan of Meaghers Pharmacy. How the Makeup Fairy worked her ass off to get to were she is now #BOSS and one of the best speakers of the day, Johnny Ward, who gave an inspirational talk on how blogging changed his life and showed us that its okay not to follow the blind herd - Just f**kin do it.! #WHYNOT?!

It was also really nice to get to finally meet the people behind the blogs I read. The Blogger Conference was the perfect place to interact with other bloggers and brands. A great source of information and guidance that Ill implement into my blog to help this brand and community grow.

I cannot wait to go to the next one and Ill definitely be bringing a few more with me.!

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