CK One | Dupe

I love when I just happen to come across a perfect product dupe.!
Todays dupe is for the Calvin Klein unisex fragrance One - so male or female this post is for you.!

I picked up this Impulse fragrance last week just as something to keep in my locker at work and was happily surprised when I went to put it on and realied why it smelt so familiar. I swear that this Impulse fragrance 'Why Not' by Charlie XCX smells just like CK One.!!

Just so I knew I was giving you guys a real dupe I blind tested it on my family....the only difference was the intensity - at 2.99 a pop who really cares if you need to top up every now and then.!

CK One retails for 50 euro vs Why Not for 2.99 euro

I know which one Ill be reaching for.!


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