Lancome Bi-Facil | Review

So we all know how much I love mascara - if you dont? lol you really shouldn't be here.!

I love to lash on LOTS of the stuff.!! But I hate taking it off with a passion.! 
I'm about to say that dirty word thats frowned upon in the beauty world - makeup wipes.! But thats what I used (this is definitely a 'do as I say & not as I do' scenario) can I save myself by saying I used those eye makeup remover wipes?? Nope, didn't think so *the shame*

Anyway I used wipes for a long time to take off my eye makeup and let me tell you it was at a price - it stung the f**k out of my eyes & I always found that around my eyes were left looking super red.

But let me tell you I have found the answer to all my problems - and its Lancome's Bi Facil.!!

This is a non-oily instant eye makeup remover and Huni it does what it says on the tin.! So this product is made 'with a formula that's suitable for even sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers, Bi-Facil gently removes makeup including waterproof mascara'. What they say about this product is so true and its perfect for everyone no matter your skin type.!

I've been using this for a while now and I can say that I don't think I'll be using anything else to take off my eye makeup again - this works so well for me.! It used to be so much work trying to take of my mascara - and then when it was off I looked like a panda.! But no more.! This takes it off in seconds and leaves both my skin and lashes feeling super moisturized & nourished.!

I got this from Goldens Pharmacy to try out and love it - lol can you tell?
You can pick this up for yourself - trust me you need this in your life - in store or online at

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