Back on the Blog!!

Welcome back to the blog - yes it's been months but I'm back baby.!

I lost all motivation over the christmas while I was taking a bit of a break from the blog, what was meant to be a week or two turned into four months - oops.! Sometimes you just need take a step back and chill. Its okay to do nothing for a bit and that can be especially said in the times we are in now, it's a very stressful for everyone and I know I found my anxiety started to creep back over the past few weeks.

I ended up getting word during xmas that I was starting my masters in January so it was all go trying to sort out how the hell I'd be able to do it and work full time as well (spoiler: its hard) so it was even harder to pick the blog back up. I actually can't believe that I signed myself up for college again, I always said never again but sure we're nearly finished the semester now... thank god.! This time I swapped the CSI kit for a hmm well a laptop I guess as I'm doing digital media and marketing - so far so good.!

But I really started to miss my blog and I'm happy to say there are plans to make it bigger and better than ever.! Lots of stuff to do behind the scenes (I won't bore you with all the talk of hosting etc) but you will see FN&M get a bit of a face lift later in the year.! I was finding it really hard to actually write my first post back - and found that it was easier to pick it up with a video.! Editing the Harry Potter vlog was a nice way to ease myself back into the creative spirit.! I have sooo many video and blog post ideas that I can't wait to get started on and after saying it for YEARS I am finally going to get a schedulee down for the blog and for my YouTube channel too. I still can't believe that FN&M will be turning 5 this year - wow.!

Anyways I just wanted to say hello and welcome back to the blog.! There will be more lifestyle, fashion & beauty content coming very soon.!

Stay safe, stay home x

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