PS...Gradual Tan | Review

So this week I done something I never done before...I fake tanned.! 
I've always owned my pale porcelain skin but when I heard so many good things about Penneys/Primark's PS tan range I had to give it ago. I was so excited to see that they have a gradual tan available. This was the perfect type of tan for me to try as I never tanned before, its gradual and you can build it up daily if you wish.

Im the first one to say that I don't like fake tan...well I don't like tan when I can visibly see that its fake. I have a pet peeve for girls who don't blend blend blend and use orange tones. But I love to see a great natural 'I just came back from the Maldives' look. And since Im not getting any real sun here in Ireland (not that I naturally tan..I burn.!) I might as well do it myself.!

My first impression of this tan was that it smells good.! Kinda like a nice hair product and not that awful fake tan smell.  Even though this is a gradual tan that develops over night you still need to make sure you really blend it in. This tan is just like a moisturiser and sits and feels just like one on the skin. So just like any other you do need to let it soak in, I used this time to watch some Project Runway...Im obsessed.!

24 hours later and heres how it looked.!
 I love how natural this looks.! I will definitely be using this tan again and again this summer. I kept mine light and didn't reapply the next day but I will definitely be doing that next time to make it last longer and build up a colour. As this is a gradual tan there was no staining of bed sheets or clothes involved. Which is always a plus.!
If your about to pop off on holidays and want to have a little glow while your away I highly recommend this tan. There is even a gradual face tan in this range too perfect for when you dont want to have a full face of makeup but don't want to have a pale face that doesn't match your glowing body.! I would recommend that you apply this tan a day or two before if your going out so the tan can develop and  give you time to build up the colour to your preference.

Penneys and Primark never fail at giving us valve for money and this product is no exception at only 5euro.! 

I must say that this has restored my faith in self tanning and I would love to try out more and maybe dabble in instant tan too.! I'd love to hear if you tried this product and how you got on or any tan that you would recommend me to try.


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