Products I'll Re-Purchase

This may be titled products I'll re-purchase but everything I list here has already been purchased once or twice before.! I love finding new things to try but its always nice to have a few products that you can always rely on and here are mine.

First up is this is the Visibly Clear range by Neutrogena. I was first introduced to this 2 in 1 mask and wash by my friend 3 years ago and I love it.! This is a great mask and really helps to clear up my skin. I really need to use this more as a daily wash too - I need to get into a good skin care routine.

The spot cream that goes along with this range works wonders too.! I must say I've tried and tested many spot creams and this one is the best (for me anyway). It really does reduce the redness of any blemish I have so I would highly recommend it.! 

Next up is this moisturizer Botanics by Boots. This is a great day cream and I always apply this before my foundation. I love how light it is on the skin and best of all it has SPF 15 in it - even though the sun isn't out here in Ireland (We experienced a 2 day 'Summer' and now we are back to grey clouds and umbrellas.!) its always good to protect your skin.!

Since I love this so much (my pot is almost empty) I will definitely be picking up some more products in this range to try out as well as of course re-purchasing this pot.!

If you've been here before you may have read the post that I wrote all about how much I love these beauty blenders from Love & Beauty by Forever 21. Click here if you want to see my all time favorite and affordable beauty blenders. These ones from Forever 21 are great and they come in pack of two with two shapes, the one shown above and another tear drop shape (currently covered in foundation and not photograph worthy.!). Im currently on my second set of these and I love love love them and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a flawless finish on your foundation.! Just make sure you wet the sponge before application to get the best results.

So I've showed you what I apply my makeup with now heres how to get it off.! Since makeup wipes are like the devil I only take off my makeup with this Peaches and Clean deep cleaning makeup remover from Soap and Glory. This is the second pot I've gone through and as you can see Im in need of another. I rub this all over my face and wipe away my makeup with a warm damp face cloth its as easy as a makeup wipe but soo much better for your skin.! I love this and my skin always feels really soft after I use it and it smells AMAZING.!! This is also really affordable and lasts a long time. I recommend that you bin those wipes and start using this and just see the difference it makes to your skin! 

I must always wear a lipstick...always.! And since a matte lipstick or any lipstick for that matter will show and highlight any cracks or dry skin on your lips its important you take care of them and keep those babies moisturized. This is my second tube of Baby Lips Dr. Rescue from Maybelline. It was in my first favorites post which is well over a year old (yes my blog turned 1 in June...hats off to you *and thank you* if you've been here through it all.!) and I have been using it religiously ever since - especially at night.! There are so many good things in this that repair your lips and make them lipstick ready so give it a go trust me you wont be sorry.! 

So these are the things that I really will go and buy again and again because I absolutely love them and I hope that if you haven't tried any of these you'll take the plunge (its not deep) and try them out.!
Id love to hear what you guys think and what products you always find yourself putting in your shopping basket time and time again.!


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