Fake Nails & Mascara Giveaway


Ive had a bit of a technology meltdown of late. I mean my laptop is now a desktop and Im juggling between two broken phones.! *cry face* So until I can get my technology in order I am posting more on my Facebook Page - Click here to see whos on my VMAS best dressed (of course theres a Kardashian on there its me were talking about.!). 

Anyway I decided to have a giveaway in the mean time until I get back to my regular posting schedule. So all you have to do is go to my Facebook page ** Fake Nails and Mascara ** and follow the directions - there super simple dont worry.!

Whats in the goodie bag:

Makeup Bag
Super Cute Note Books
Strobing Highlight Palette
Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara
Louis Vuttion Inspired Fake Nails
Baron Von Fancy Wah Nails
Limited Edition Rose Gold Goddess by Cocoa Brown

Best of Luck



  1. If you desided to make gel-polish nails, this site will help you to choose a design for any occasion : http://bestartnails.com/

    1. Thank You Marina.!! I love the site fab designs.! xo


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