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I went to Dublin for a well needed sister weekend and the first place we wanted to go (while the sun was out) was the zoo.!

I never know how I feel when it comes to the zoo...
Walking around you can see these incredibly big strong animals in these small spaces with people constantly pressing their face against the glass it makes me feel so sad. BUT on the other hand without the zoo many of these animals would be extinct and these sanctuaries preserve the life of endangered animals and give them constant care which they wouldn't have in the wild.  My dream holiday would be to bring my family to South Africa and go on an amazing safari to see these incredible animals in their natural habitat.  

Warning: I have not reached 'bikini body' ready status.!!

Since the sun was out (well as good as we were going to get in Ireland) I took the opportunity to wear this dress I bought in forever 21 a few weeks ago. Of course I had to pair it with my rain jacket and a pair of sensible shoes (ie water resistant) and it was a good job I did.! I feel like the population of Ireland is always living in fear that I might start raining at any minute.! 
(whats in my bag? An UMBRELLA!!)

Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21 Jacket: Penneys /Primark
Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 Bag: Forever 21

Lets share the love and preserve the life of animals.
How? We can start with using cruelty free makeup.! So I done some research and here is a small snippet of what is available in the line of cruelty free makeup:

Wet N Wild
Barry M
Too Faced
Urban Decay
Bare Minerals
Lime Crime



  1. Haha I love all the animal photos, that little thing in the tree is just the cutest. I like your outfit too, very earth like, most suitable for the zoo! :) xx

    1. thank you.! I think it was a red panda in the tree.. I love your blog Im obsessed with its design.!! Love the your DIY marble post what a great way to make a simple item look beautiful and expensive.! xoxo L


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