Bye Bye IT Sligo

Its bitter sweet to say but Im finally finished college.
For so long through countless hours in the library studying and killing ourselves to get assignments done on time we've all said we cant wait for it to be over...but now that it is Im actually so sad and wish we had more time.

I started my journey in Sligo in 2012 where I studied Forensic Investigation and Analysis for four years. Your all thinking CSI but honestly its very much chemistry based but through the years I got to do some really cool stuff...I shot a gun, was an expert witness in court and even got to investigate a crime.!
 (fyi not a real crime lol) 
But best of all I met some amazing people.!!

But there are three that I couldn't live without.!
I can genuinely say that I have friends for life...Yep there we are the "multi's".!! lol
Four years later and we're still laughing.!!
I love them to pieces and cant wait to make more memories together... we may be finished this chapter but theres a whole book to go.!!

"Think where man's glory most begins and ends,
and say my glory was I had such friends"
WB Yeats 


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