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Yes yes more fake nails...I really cant live without them.!
This week I decided to go with square nails instead of my usual oval shape. I got these Nailene ones in Boots the other day. I absolutely love theses you get 200 of them so they last so so long, plus they have no paint or design so there perfect for me. 

Since I do wear fake nails quite a lot I like to keep my real nails in as good condition as I possibly can so I use this Dr Rescue all in one. I put this on as a barrier before any glue and so far my nails are looking ALOT better! 

I kept it very simple my using this white shade by Rimmel in 'white hot love' and using the all in one Dr Rescue again as a top coat. Lately I cannot do my nails without adding some design to them with this kit I got in Penneys, I just use a top coat to apply these and they stay on for a surprisingly long time. I get so many complements when I use these...I love that I can get professional looking nails without that cost! 

So do you like to splash out or DIY ?

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