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We all know my addiction to fake nails is strong but Im afraid I have to go without them for a while. Its time to repair and restore my nails.! That glue was taking its toll to the point where my nails were being ripped off layer by layer with every set, they are weak AF. Yes I fell into the trap of not using protection...ALWAYS USE A BASE COAT.!

So for now its time to embrace the short nails for a bit (saddest horror story ever!). So my new best friend is Essence's Studio Nails Triple Care. It promises to care, repair and strengthen my nails and it seems to be working so far. 

Of course I cant just leave my nails bare and boring so I went to Penneys and stocked up on some little bits to make my short nails a little more bearable. Im loving these little accessories - there easy to pop on with a top coat or even a little glue (over nail polish of course were trying to repair here!). 

I also found some cute stickers and had to bring them home with me. Who doesn't want cupcakes and donuts on their nails?! I had these on during the week with a top coat over them. These stayed on quite well considering I had multiple pairs of gloves on this week (perks of being a forensic student lol).

These will accompany my nails for the next few weeks to help strengthen them up until I can get my claws back.


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