Autumn Penneys Haul

So today I was let loose in Penneys (Primark to my readers outside of Ireland) and as your about to see I done quite a bit of damage. I wont tell you how much...its best I dont think about that.!

There is some really lovely stuff in Penneys at the minute. I didnt go to my local store as most of the stuff thats stocked there is just basics and work wear. If your from around my area you'll know what I mean, and my spree will be justified, when I say I went to Ballina Pennys lol. I dont go to this one very offen as its a good bit away from where I live and I litterally just go into one shop and then drive the hour long journey home again (its well worth it though). So as its not everyday Im in a big well stocked Penneys I took full advantage and stocked up for Autumn.

I didnt take any try on photos as Ill be posting a load of outfit posts in the next few weeks with these pieces. 

Everyone needs a cardigan! I love how long this one is, especially the cut detail on the sleeve. Its green so perfect for the Autumn season.

One of my favorite things to wear is a midi skirt (or anything mid length really) so when I seen this velvet almost cord like black skirt I had to have it. This is something that can be dressed up or down and looks so good on, the material is quite tough and holds you in where you want it!

I love this cute grey cropped shirt. I think this will look so nice with one of my statement necklaces (maybe something with a pop of colour) and the covering of the buttons makes it look super chic.

This dress is mid length and grey so there was no way it wasnt coming hom with me.! Ive been searching for a long sleeved midi dress for a while now so I was really excited to see this.

These retro high waisted jeans were something I thought would look absolutely horrible on me but I was so wrong and I love them. Its a style that I never had before, there quite baggy in the leg and then slightly taper at the ankle. I can see myself dressing these up and down and Im sure you'll be seeing them in an #OOTD soon.!

 Now on to shoes...I may have gotten a little carried away here. I kept on saying to myself I need more flats I wear runners too much.!

These are the comfiest shoes ever there so soft and there nude so they'll go with everything.!

So these are quite crazy and soo cute that obviously I needed them in my life.! I seen these in Dublin last week and regretted not getting them and I definitely wasnt going to made that same mistake today.

These are definitely love them or hate them, no in between.  I LOVE them.! I also seen these in Dublin but they didnt have them in my size. These are the main reason I wanted to go to this particular store as I knew they'd never be in my local one. I cant wait to wear these I think they look so cool.! 
What do you think... YAY or NAY? Leave me a comment below.!

Accessories wise I just got this silver cuff and a little silky head scarf. Im wearing a lot of headbands lately as Im still in the process of growing out my pixie, I still cant manage to get all my hair in a ponytail but Im getting close.!

Thats about it apart form the usual socks, pants, bras etc which eveyone goes to Penneys for and comes out with two tops, a bag and a scarf forgetting all about those socks, right?
...What it cant just be me?!


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