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I am a huge fan of Sarah Hanrahan of I Come Undone, I absolutely love her style.! Any time I scroll through her insta or blog posts I wish by double tapping her outfits that they would magically appear in my wardrobe. So I was thrilled when I asked her if I could interview her for my blog that she was more than happy to help.! Here's how it went...

Do you see what I mean about fashion inspo?! Follow Sarah on Instagram: @i_come_undone

We'll start off with an easy one ...tea or coffee?
Coffee in the AM, tea in the PM!

What made you decide to start blogging?
I followed other bloggers through LookBook years ago & just really admired what they were doing... I thought with my passion for Dublin culture, photography & personal style I'd enjoy creating a little platform for myself.

Who is your number one fashion inspiration?
Not one specific person but street style... I love watching the world go by & looking at what they're wearing.

What is your favorite fashion magazine?
I was a Glamour gal for years but I've moved over to Marie Claire recently... might be my age!

Heels or flats?
Flats!! I'm a trainers gal at heart but I'll get into a pair of heels if the occasion calls for it.

Who's your favorite blogger?
Ohhh, I couldn't pick a fave! I like different ones for different reasons.

Celebrity girl crush?
I've always been terrible when it comes to celebrities, don't have a clue who most of them are! I do think that girl Emily Ratajkowski is stunning (I was calling her 'Emma from the blurred lines video' till I googled her there, see! Useless!)

What are some of your current beauty and fashion obsessions?
I really want to learn to do a cut crease in eye makeup but I'm barely able to blend well at this point so even attempting such a perfect look is V daunting! Fashion wise I'm trying to add some wearable colour into my wardrobe right now after a loooong monochrome phase.

Favorite quote?
"Happiness is where you find it but rarely where you seek it"

It's not hard to tell what beauty product I couldn't go without ...mascara!, but if you could only use one product what would it be?
Probably  a bit of tinted moisturiser to add a bit of life to my face.

Sarah is one of my favorite bloggers and Im so thankful that she had time to answer some of my questions. 
If your not following Sarah & her blog hers her links:
I Come Undone

Hope you liked this post I'm hoping to make it a little inspirational series here on FN&M.!


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