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As you know I'm obsessed with stationary (I love buying notebooks as much as I do clothes.!) so you can imagine how excited I was when I got the opportunity to work with Paperless Post and explore the world of well paperless post.! 

We all have to do our bit to save the environment and by doing something as simple as sending an electronic birthday card this year instead of a paper one will make all the difference.!  

What exactly is Paperless Post? And how does it work?
Paperless Post is exactly what it says on the tin: paperless post.! A platform to send all your cards and inventions electronically. Its super easy to use too, just sign up and start creating your perfect card.

Paperless Post works on a system of coins:
€5 will get you 20 coins & a card/invitation costs around 2 coins (this can vary depending on your level of customization). So your minimum spend of 20 coins will get you through a good few birthdays. Paperless Post will definitely be your friend if your on a budget too (remember electronic post means no more postage fees!)  

This belated B-Day card is my fave 

I had so much fun picking out some birthday cards for my family & friends and there are so many to choose from, even some pretty cards and invitations from some of our favorite designers such as Kate Spade.! I have a few cards sitting in my post box scheduled to be sent out in the upcoming weeks. But the thing I found most appealing was how you can easily customise the design yourself to make your birthday card even more personal. You can edit every detail from the lining of the envelope to the backdrop that your card is displayed against.! 

But of course Paperless Post isn't just for birthday cards, they have stationary for every celebration, from happy hour to wedding invites you'd find it hard to find an occasion that they haven't thought of.!!

Paperless Post makes it super easy to manage your events. 
For example lets say I'm hosting Happy Hour (its a LONG week.!). I can keep track of who I have sent my invite to in my 'post box' (I can even tell if you opened the invitation) and keep track of who has RSVP'd. Its also no hassle to be on the receiving end of this electronic invite as there is a built in RSVP card (or response card if you send a birthday card) that you fill in and send back with a click of a button.! 

Try it for yourself at I really do love the concept of Paperless Post and will be using it for all future events and celebrations as I like to add a personal touch to my post. However I'll still have to pop down to the shops and get a card for my Granny & Grandad and the other members of my family who don't have an email.!


This blog post is in collaboration with Paperless Post.
Although I did received coins on the paperless post website to carry out a review all opinions are truthful & of course my own.!

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