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It's been so long since I sat down to write a post that I almost feel like a stranger here. I may have even forgotten how to blog.! But not one to waste a good photo shoot today is another episode of The Lost Files (yep these were taken quite some time ago!) 

Let's play catch up shall we...

I don't even think I have any particular reason why its been radio silence on here. I just took a break for a while - I just didn't have anything to say.! It was nice to take some time and spend it with my family (and all 7 seasons of Suits - Ooops.!) instead of having my head stuck in a laptop. Every now and then we all have to down tools for a while and just chill. 

I guess this post is my way of easing myself back into this whole blogging thing and just to say hi coz it been a while. And if I'm being honest I really wanted to use these photos - be a shame for them to go to waste.! So get used to seeing a lot more posts - lord knows I have enough of them stashed in my drafts folder.!

Since these is The Lost Files I have zero links to my actual outfit to share with you. If I can remember correctly the oversized tee is Missguided, jeans are Diesel (they are SUPER comfy but sadly no longer fit) and the shoes are Penneys - you actually may be able to get these pretty sure they bring them out every summer. I have also linked some current pieces that are very similar if you want to recreate this look (#AffiliateLink) 

Well until next time...

#AfilliateLink - What does that mean?
All this means is that I may receive a small percentage of the sale, this does not make it any dearer for you the price is the price.!

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