Oh Deer | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I love October - not only is it by birthday but it's Halloween.!! By far Halloween is my favorite holiday (yes even over Christmas) I love how its all spooky and creepy and its the one time of the year that you can really play around with makeup and get creative.!!

Every year I love to paint my face for Halloween - even if I go nowhere I'll be walking around the house looking all sorts of crazy.! This year's first look is a cute deer that is perfect for anyone who going to a last minute Halloween part and doesn't know what to go as just whip of some bonzer and pop your hair up in space buns and your off.! (Alternatively if you don't have a white eyeliner in your makeup bag use a black eye liner to draw leopard print marks to replace the white dots)

Unfortunately this cute deer got shot in the head...

If you'd like to see how I created this look watch the video below:


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Shop the Makeup:

(If you cant get your hands on any fake blood you could always replace it for the Fenty Beauty Uncensored lip paint)

Hope you enjoyed this look


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