Celine Initial Necklace: Get the Look for Less

The latest trend to hit our instagram feed has been initial necklaces. It all started with a few fashionista's wearing it in the front row at fashion week and blew up into this insta famous trend. 

The original bamboo textured design came from French fashion house Celine (who have since released a updated scrabble like version *shop here*) but if you shop around there are still a few of the original Celine design pendants floating around especially on sites that resell designer pieces. I have found a few on the Vestiaire Collective site *shop here* they vary in price depending on the letter but be warned they are VERY expensive. Honestly they're overpriced but I suppose that's down to how trendy they have become so they've upped the price for the demand. 

Shop my Olivia's Sales Necklace

I don't wear a lot of jewellery so it definitely didn't make sense to spend that much coin on a designer piece that I wouldn't get much wear out of so I opted for a dupe.! I found this copy on OliviasSales.co.uk and at £6.95 (which is around €8) where could ya go wrong.!

I have linked some other similar necklaces below all of which are around the same price point (affiliate links). I know Penneys/Primark are also doing a copy which I image wouldn't be more than €5. 

chat soon x

Affiliate Link - What does that mean?
All this means is that I may receive a small percentage of commission if a sale is made as a result of this post, this does not make it any dearer for you the price is the price.!


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