Tesco Clothing... Who Knew.!

Popped into Tesco last saturday as you do for the food shop and decided to take a little wander down to the clothes for 'the look'. Honestly wasn't expecting to see anything but a few plain t-shirts and maybe some jazzy socks but my god was I surprised.!

There is SO many nice things in there.! I couldn't help myself so I went around and picked up a few items - I ended up spending quite a bit of coin considering that I was in a supermarket but everything was just so lovely and really good quality.!

I decided to film a try on haul video that you can check out below....


So next time when your in doing the food shop take a wander over to the clothing section- you definitely won't be disappointed.!

I honestly really love filming these types videos and YouTube in general so make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel as I'll be posting to there once a week.!

Chat Soon x


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