Jewellery Box Faves

Take a sneek peek into my jewelry box...
Here are some of my favorites.!

Lets start with my watch. 
This is a simple Sekonda watch that I treated myself to this summer. I always liked big watches and when I saw this I just had to have it! It instantly stands out with its white colour and I love love love the orange detail.! This is without doubt on my wrist every single day.

My favorite necklace in my jewelry box is by far my Mi Moneda one. I especially love the fact you can change out the coins... You can build a collection of coins and each one makes you feel like your wearing a totally different necklace. As well as this lilac coin I also have a turquoise one (left it in my bedroom from college- sorry!) 

Truth time: I was never a fan of the Alex and Ani bracelets but this year I got some for my birthday and can I just say I have totally changed my mind.  I was so worried that they would just fall off my wrists (I have small hands hence why I wear fake nails.!) but they actually don't and fit so well. Now I really want more! I wear these quite a lot and my favorite thing to do right now it mix sliver and gold! I have my birthstone in both sliver and gold and a gold skeleton key (gotta have that key when you turn 21.! lol)

Lets talk budget.!
Fun fact about me - I'm totally obsessed with the Kardashians...their style is just to die for.!!
So obviously it was Kylie Jenner who directed my attention to the Cartier LOVE bracelets (you know those ones that are screwed around your wrist?). But if your like me and you don't have a Kardashian bank account turn your attention to Penneys (or Primark depending on where you live). You can now get that designer look without the designer price tag. I have the silver bangles but from scrolling through Penneys Instagram I'm now on the hunt for them in gold too.
...And to the future man in my life take note I want the real thing.! 
Whats in your jewellery box?
Leave a comment and let me know



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    1. Thank you Im glad you liked it.! xoxo L

  2. I love the white Sekonda watch! It's so stylish and it looks great on the pictures. I totally agree with using shops like Primark to source jewellery. I got some very similar bracelets and they look stunning. I haven't seen the Mi Moneda necklaces before. Going to look them up. Hankering for one for myself now! Thanks!

    1. Primark are great - loving their jewellery at the minute.! You should definitely check out Mi Moneda I love them as you can change out the coin whitch totally changes the look of the necklace - I always ask for another coin as a bday present.! Thanks for reading my blog.! xoxo L

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