My Sugar Skull Makeup

Happy Halloween.!!

Since tomorrow is the day of the dead I thought it was only right to put up this sugar skull . I decided to put my own twist on it since I wanted something different from the usual white face colour pop look.   

I created this on top of my regular foundation routine. On my eyes I used my Sleek i-Divine palette in a mix of the colours 'Propose in Prague' and 'A Vow in Venice' (I just love the names.!) all over my lids and in my crease a mix of 'Honeymoon in Hollywood' and 'Bliss in Barcelona'. Under my eyes is 'Court in Cannes' and I used some Glam'eyes Rimmel liquid liner to accentuate those lashes. 

I used my all time favorite lipstick the nyx high voltage in the shade 'Twisted' (the colour is not coming through that well in these photos its much brighter in person.!). This colour is definitely not for everyone but on Halloween anyone can pull it off... I however do not restrict myself to to just 'dress up', this gets pulled out quite a lot for a regular day at college. LOVE it.!

For the white detail of the sugar skull I used the nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in 'milk'. I just made different sized dots in one big circle around my eyes added a skull nose and a little sunken in cheek detail - anyone can do this, its super simple.! To top off the look I got this flower crown with black tulle in Tesco.

Its 'Hocus Pocus and Chill' for me this Halloween.!
I am not good with scary movies - I mean I'm the type that will get that creepy someones behind me feeling for the rest of the day! However this year I'll give it a go and try and watch something scary by myself.
I can always watch Hocus Pocus if its all a fail.!



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    1. awh thank you floralbeautyxoxx
      I just cheched out your october favorites... we all have a mac lipstick we cant live without mines viva glam III


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