New Year...New You.!

Its that time of year again where we can all put the past behind us and move forward...welcome to 2016.!

I for one am glad for this fresh start. 2015 wasn't so good to me and I was glad to see that back of that b*tch.! lol So heres to 2016 and may she bring better things my way.

Of course it wouldn't be right if I didn't share with you some of my new years resolutions. 

1. Go to the Gym.! - Yep its the one thats on the top of everyone's list and probably the one that people give up on the quickest. But I truly mean this one and plan to stick it out. My beautiful sister got me Khloe Kardashian's book 'Strong Looks Better Naked' for Christmas this year (it was on top of my wish list of course.!) and I must say its very inspirational so far. Its all about being a better you, moving onto the next chapter of in your life even if the wounds of the past aren't fully healed. And how do we do that ladies? GET FIT.! and take our frustration out at the gym. Yes exercise will no longer be our enemy! I'm starting myself off with small steps (cant go to the gym when I have exams to study for - btw wish me luck they start tomorrow) with some exercises I can do from home like squats and lunges etc. But once I get back into my college routine I'm hitting the gym. Its nice to have that self accomplishment feeling after doing hard work and really where is the down side? It will all pay off in the end.

2. Be Happy.! -  This year I'm focused on making myself more happy. I'm going to make time for myself and the things and people I love and stop dwelling on the down side. I plan on making the most of the time I have left in college...May is coming around the corner very fast. That means I'm going to do more things with my besties.! Ya we're all in our final years of our courses but we can always find time for our wine nights.! Plus there's so much to look forward to this year alone, I mean in just 14 days I'm off to Paris with my sister. I'm finished college this year so that means graduation, getting a job that I'll be qualified to do and moving out. 2016 is looking brighter already.!

3. Blog more.! - Yes I plan to blog regularly this year and hopefully make some videos to link to my blog. This plan will kick into action this month as I plan to share my Paris trip with you. I really want to work on Fake Nails and Mascara more as its something I really enjoy doing. I have big plans for you and I'm committed to following them through. I'm looking forward to sharing more OOTD's, make up looks, ManiMondays and more.!

It time to embrace that new leaf 2016 gave us and have fun doing it.
New Year, New You.!


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