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Lets talk cuticle care.!
Im the first to admit that I never touched my cuticles EVER I was always afraid to go near them its crazy to think that I thought it would hurt doesn't.!

I really want to take more care of my nails and that starts with your cuticles. I was in Penneys (Primark to others) last week and found this cuticle oil and decided to give it a go, I also picked up this cuticle pusher to try and fix up my nails.! Both of these products came to a total of 3euro which is amazing. Penneys beauty range is getting better and better and its soo affordable.!

Cuticles 101:
So all we need to do ladies is push our cuticles back with the white side of this tool, and flip it over and trim the excess. I do this every time I go to do my nails.

Now we need to moisturise them to make sure they don't look dry and crack. This oil is easy to use and I love how it comes in a little nail polish bottle with a brush.

This definitely makes your polished nails look much more professional.

  Im loving this colour 'Glazed Cobalt' from Max Factor its a part of there gel shine lacquer collection and gives your nails that gel look finish.


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