Charcoal Masks | Worth The Pain?

Two weeks ago Golden Pharmacy kindly gifted me with a bag of goodies.!
One of which was a charcoal mask that Ive been dying to try (check out my Golden Pharmacy faves here). Ive seen so many videos of people doing these masks even the DIY versions and their reactions are painful. 

So I wanted to see for myself was it worth the pain?

With this mask there are two steps - Cleanse & Peel.!
I loved the fact that this one came with its own cleaner so there was no fuss juggling all the bottles of cleaners and mitts etc to the sink.! And for such a compact sashay they fairly pack in the product. There was plenty of both cleanser and the mask itself for me and my sister to have a go at it.

Step 1 : Cleanse

I have quite sensitive skin and I had no problems what so ever with this one. Fairly simple to use just build up a lather on the skin and wash away. I think it made the world of difference too once I had everything done as it left my skin feeling super soft.

Step 2 : The Mask

So down to business the consistency of the mask is quite sticky - but thats due to the fact that you peel it off once dry. The instructions say to apply a thin layer all over the face - however from chatting to the girls in Golden's they advised to split it up into sections; nose, chin, forehead etc for the best result (and Im sure pain was a factor there too.!). So thats just what I did.! Once the mask is applied leave to dry for 15 mins.

I must say the first time that I used this I dont think I put an enough over my noise, my sister also had the same problem, as once it dried it was a little transparent in places. So the next time I went to use it I was a little more generous and it made the world of difference.

Was it worth the pain?

 Pain wise - no worse that a regular pore strip. 
I seen soo many videos of people dying altogether when they're taking these off... Maybe its because they do the DIY version with the glue and charcoal tablets - which I would never recommend anyone to put glue on there face.! So if you take the section off the face advice you'll be grand!

Wanna try it out for yourself? Shop Golden's Pharmacy here:


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Have you tried a peel off mask? Let me know in the comments!


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