Penneys Hun | Haul

As I mention in my previous Penneys (*Primark) Haul that the one in Ballina is the business.!
Anytime I hit Ballina my bank account cries! But as I like to justify it - you'd pay more for less somewhere else.!

Penneys is just full of lovely bits a the minute ladies. I didn't wander into the jewellery section this time as I was too busy going in & out to the changing rooms (that 8 item limit is a nuisance.!) Honestly I was close to bringing the whole shop with me at one point.!

I restrained myself - kinda - here's what I got...



I cannot wait to try all the beauty products out - will this tan eraser really work?! - and style some new OOTDs. 

Please don't blame me if this post causes a dent in your bank account.! lol

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