January Favorites

So this year I'll be bringing back the monthly favorites - lol they weren't really here to begin with were they?! But anyway I wanted to share all the beauty, fashion and other bits that I've been loving lately.



This month I've been obsessed with leopard print.!
 Here are some bits that I picked up recently (cons & coat on sale.!!)


Please dont think that I pair these altogether.! Its a classic print thats adds a little attitude to your outfit and I can see myself buying a lot more of it.!


Honestly the one beauty product that saved me this month through this freezing weather was my Dr. Paw Paw

The love I have for this product is REAL.! If I was on a desert island this is what Id bring - and it would be a smart choice too coz its multi purpose.! 

1. Lip Balm - legit cant sleep if I don't apply this before bed.!
2. Cuticle Oil
3. For Bug Bits - actually works.!
4. Sets your Brows
5. For Minor Abrasions 

Long story short Paw Paw is life.!!

Sweetheart, Marry your Goals
Remain committed to your Success
Be loyal to your Dreams
It's okay to choose Yourself

I found this on Pinterest  and  thought YASSS this is my time to be selfish
Its Me, Myself & I huni.!


This month Ive been reading (well when I say reading its actually an audio book):
They Both Die In The End

Now I know the title gives away the ending and it doesn't sound like a very happy story but its actually such a brilliant book and highly recommend you read it - or listen to it.!


Because its gotten a bad rep lately - Facetune.!

 Now before you get your knickers in a twist Im not saying go morph yourself a thigh gap - their so sexy they can't stop touching each other anyways - or cut yourself down a dress size - that's just stupid.! But seriously are you really offended if I smooth out a spot or whiten my teeth?! That's like saying we cant use a filter or portrait mode on your camera.!!

Its actually a great photo editing tool - the most common features that I love to use is the whitening tool (not just for my teeth.!) and the detailing tool. How about I show you...

So here's a before & after of a photo that I have whitened and added detail to:

See? Facetune isnt that bad people.!


Im currently loving Camila Cabello's new debut solo album Camila. I'd been waiting for it to come out ever since I found myself singing OMG everywhere I went lol.

Its one of those albums that you'll find yourself belting out in the car - at the minute I'm loving Something's Gotta Give.!


The Crown got us through the Christmas.!

We were obsessed with this show over the xmas and watched it back to back in a few days.!! If your looking for a new show to watch you need to start this.

Online Shop

This month I picked up some makeup from Colourpop Cosmetics for the first time.! OMG I love that site.!! And Im loving the lipies and eyeshadow.!! So the main points you need to know is that they have free international shipping on orders over $50 and I did not had to may anything extra at my door.! It was super fast shipping too.!! $6 lipsticks - that's all I'm saying.!

So that was the January Favorites.!
Let me know if you've check out any of these or what your loving this month


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