Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo

Last weekend I headed to Dublin to see the Festival of Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo.

This festival took place after hours at the Zoo when all the animals were safely tucked away in bed for the night. Instead of seeing real animals that night we were treated to these amazing silk crafted lanterns. 

Can you believe that it took 12000 meters of silk, 19000 bulbs, 5000 meters of LED lights, 48000 glass bottles and 215000 pieces of porcelain to make up this display.?!

I haven't too much to say here so I'll just leave you with pretty pictures of the lanterns...

This particular elephant sculpture is 16 meters tall and is actually made with 215000 pieces of porcelain which include small cups, bowls and plates - how cool.!

The Wild Lights Festival was such good experience (even though it was really cold out lol) I'm not too sure if this was a once off thing or if this will be back - if it is you need to put this on your list.!



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