SOSU Dripping Gold Tan & Wonder Water | Review

Today's post is all about Suzanne Jackson's Dripping Gold tan. Suzanne is killing it right now bringing out so many different products - I've actually just ordered her new brow kit that she just released and I'm super excited to get my hands on it.!

Dripping Gold Tan has been around now for quite a while and I know I'm late to the party on this one but I had so many bottles to get through first I couldn't buy another one.! I am all about getting a tan from a bottle and not the sun. Sunbathing is so so bad for you and your skin - I have Snow White's complection and I'd be prone to getting moles and have to look after the ones I have so you never catch me lying out on the beach. Plus there's just something about having a tan that puts me in a better mood about myself... lol or is that just me?!

The first thing that I like about Dripping Gold is that it have more of a red tone to it as opposed to yellow - which is a bit more flattering and realistic for us pastely Irish gals.! I got the medium lotion - I find that it takes a bit more effort to apply a lotion than a mouse but that's all they had in my local pharmacy shop so lotion it was.! 

Application is super easy thanks to a lovely guide colour - there is absolutely no way that you could miss a spot.! And for once the instructions are realistic, leave for 7 hrs minimum or wait overnight. I think every Irish girl reads tan instructions and laugh when its says 'leave for 3hrs for a dark shade' LOL you know we'll be marinating overnight.! Mind your sheets though it does transfer. 

So as I said I could give Snow White a run for her money - as you can see in the daylight my legs were almost glowing blue.! ๐Ÿ™ˆ The next day I found that I was actually quite happy with the results. Mind you the first time a tried it out there was a bit of a fiasco with my legs - when I washed it off it was very streaky like the water just washed ways all the tan and not just the guide colour - but I'm gonna put that down to the fact that I had shaved my legs the day before and not my usually plucking with my epilator or it could just have been a once off blip. Anyways I done my usual routine this time and thank god that didn't happen again. 

Please Note: That these before and after photos are not altered by filters. These were taken in natural daylight but of course taken at different times of the day. The before photos were taken in the evening and afters the next morning.

After washing off and looking at it now I'm actually really happy with how it turned out on my arms and my upper body. It actually looks so well - natural if there was a world in which I could tan.! There are no harsh lines nothing clinging to my elbows - so that's great.! As for my legs however on day 2 they are looking quite dry and almost a tad scaly. Maybe the moose would suit me a bit better on the legs - but I do think that some brands of tan just don't work for some people and this just may not be a good match for me. Funny enough BPerfect will look good on my legs but will not for the life of me stick to my arms and Dripping Gold comes out so nice on my arms it's a shame that it's a bit too dry for my legs. Like I said some brands suit some people some don't - we all have different skin types - so this might be amazing on you who knows.! 

So the Wonder Water...

First off let's address the price - €12.95 (but you can actually get it for €11 right now on Cloud10Beauty) - what a bargain considering that a lot of other brands that do face tanning products are a lot more expensive some of them up around €30 (would ya be well.!) But bloody hell it was like trying to get your hands on gold dust, it sold out so fast - it was only on the 3rd release that I was actually able to get it. 

It smells AMAZING and actually works really well.! You have to give your face a good spritz though.! I thought I had gone to town but as you can see in the photo below its still quite light so I decided to add another layer. This can be a bit annoying but I'd much rather build up a nice glow than be tango first go.! 

The one thing I really don't like about it is that it clings to your pores - a lot - so it looks a little darker down the middle of your face so when you spritz it maybe try not to avoid spritzing the middle of your face too much. But saying that I do quite like it its super easy to use and you don't have to worry about applying it during the week with the fear of turning up to work with a dodgy tanned face. I do think that I'll be using this quite a lot on my holipops as there's no need for foundation just pop on your usual bronzer brows and mascara and your set.!

My Tanning Tips:
  1. Shave the day before or earlier - never the day of - you want to give time for your pores to close back up.
  2. Exfoliate and moisturise the week leading up to Tanning Thursday.
  3. Leave your hands & feet til last and only use the 'leftovers' that's on your mitt. 
  4. Once you've applied your tan grab a makup wipe and wipe over your nails (no one wants to have dirty tan nails.!) and go over your knuckles to get rid of extra unwanted tan. I also go over my elbows too as tan has a nasty habit of clinging there. 
  5. Keep putting on your moisturiser (preferably one without oils) 
  6. Use a foundation brush to buff in the Wonder Water after applying (make sure you blend into the hair line) and also for topping up tan. 
  7. Wear long sleeved pajamas the night your letting your tan develop - helps the keep the sheets clean and you won't have funny marks the next morning. 

So thats my two cents on the Dripping Gold Tan & Wonder Water - overall I would recommend and I'll leave links to purchase below:

Happy Tanning.!

Chat soon x


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