SOSU Eye Voltage Brow Kit: Why You Shouldn't Buy

Happy Sunday dolls.! Today's post is another SOSU product review: Eye Voltage - The Ultimate Brow Kit.

I was really looking forward to testing out this 'ultimate brow kit' as I seen Suzanne share it on her insta stores and her brows looked so good.! So from the get go I have high expectations.

The whole shopping experience on the SOSUbySJ website was good - you get a 10% discount code if you sign up to their mailing list (there is a minimum spend though so if your just getting the brow kit like me you can't avail of the code).  Now the shipping was a bit of a palava but I reckon that was just my bad luck.! I could see that it was signed for in a totally different town to me - so there I was fuming thinking some b*tch was walking around with my brow kit BUT through a lot of email correspondence with the shipping company (as SOSU customer services were a tad low) I ended up finding my package in my car of all places - I know weird (but in my defence I hadn't been in my car all week lol just in case you thought I'm a complete idiot)

I ended up getting the shade light - medium (I'm a 002 in Benefit). The packaging is lovely and I really like how the little pot has a mirror - brownie points there! Looking at the product itself I really liked the consistency - it's kinda like a cross between a moose and a powder, I heard Suzanne describe it as bouncy which as a pretty accurate description but I did think the gel was a tad runny so I didn't know how that would fair when it came to setting my brows. 

From first swatch the colour looked okay - the swatch was looking like it had a bit of a grey undertone to it as you can see above which isn't clear in the pot when you look at it. 

So I popped it straight on when I got it as I was heading out for drinks anyways with the girls so I thought it be a great way to test how it lasts for the night etc but when I had it on it just wasn't vibing with me at all.! I have quite fair brows so I really have to build up my brows and the moosey texture of the powder just wasn't sticking to the front of my brows very well (I could have done with a pencil really) but we got there eventually. It just looked so grey on my face, I couldn't get over it - maybe it because I'm so used to the warm tones of the Benefit Brow Zings but honestly I just thought it looked my pure dirt on my brows (I know that's awful but as they say on Love Island "it is what it is"). I wanted to get the full picture so I popped on the gel to set them - and they just looked well mucky is the only word I can describe it as - and the baby wipe came out as quick.!! 

Safe to say the 1st go was horrendous but for review purposes I said I'd pop it on again on one brow to see the difference between it and my Brow Zings from Benefit (as you can see above) same grey situation happened and this time I used the tiniest bit of the gel to set but it just doesn't compare to any other brow gel I've used (in the photo above I'm using a No.7 one). I use it to keep the hairs in place and the SOSU one just wasn't holding them at all - maybe it was just a tad to runny of something.

On the bright side however the brow brush is very nice (just as good as my Blank Canvas E30) and it's a handy little size too.!

All in all for me it was a bit of a flop and that's €20 down the drain as I'll never use this again. I'm actually a bit disappointed as Suzannes brows looked great.! It's just a shame that there was such a grey undertone to the product that's really unflattering on me anyways. 

In my opinion I don't think you should waste your well earned coin on this but if you are on the fence and still want to try it I'd suggest going into a pharmacy shop (lord knows there in them all by now) and try out the tester - that's what they are there for and let me know how you get on, maybe it's just shit for redheads who knows?!

Chat soon x

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